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BBC Radio Stoke is a BBC Local Radio station in England, for the area of Mid and North Staffordshire, north east Shropshire and South Cheshire. The station began broadcasting programmes on 14 March 1968 as BBC Radio Stoke-on-Trent.

Both of the English counties the station covers have no BBC local radio station for their whole area. In Staffordshire, the south is covered by BBC WM, east by BBC Radio Derby and the west by BBC Radio Shropshire. In Cheshire, north-western areas are served by BBC Radio Merseyside and the north-east by BBC Radio Manchester.

The station broadcasts from its studios on Cheapside in Hanley, the biggest of the six towns the make up the city of Stoke-on-Trent. There are also studios and offices in CreweLeek and Stafford. The station used the frequencies of 94.6 MHz and 104.1 MHz FM, 1503 kHz medium wave, and is also available on the UTV-Bauer DAB Digital Radio Multiplex, and online.

The Managing Editor since 2012 is Gary Andrews. He joined from BBC Radio Derby in Derby where he was Assistant Editor.


  [hide*1 Tuning Details

Tuning Details[edit]Edit


Transmitter Frequency (MHz) Polarization Power (Kilowatts)
Alsagers Bank 94.6 Mixed 6.100
Stafford 104.1 Vertical 0.075


Transmitter Frequency (kHz) Power (Kilowatts)
Sideway 1503 1.000


The 140 ft Alsagers Bank transmitter is two miles west of Newcastle-under-Lyme, close to the M6. Stations broadcast from it can be clearly heard in most parts of northernBirmingham, and along the M6 from the M54 junction to Skelmersdale. The transmitter also carries Signal 1 (a commercial station owned by UTV), BBC National DAB and Digital One.

The 104.1 frequency is heard in Stafford and the transmitter is on the roof of the County Education building in the town.

DAB signals come from the Stoke & Stafford 12D multiplex from Alsagers Bank, Pye Green (near Hednesford), Sutton Common (between Congleton and Macclesfield in Cheshire), and Tick Hill (strongest power, south-east of the junction of the A520 and A52 near the Foxfield Steam Railway between Cookshill and Godleybrook). The Sideway transmitter is right next to the A500 D Road, just south of the A50 junction.

Signal 1 (102.6) and Radio Stoke (94.6) are clear in most of the area except in some parts of the Staffordshire Moorlands (Cheadle in particular) and Stafford (which has its own relays). The Stoke Digital multiplex has half the number of stations compared to other areas (BBC Radio Stoke, Signal 1Signal 2 and Kiss). UTV Media own 70% of the multiplex.

The station can also be heard on the Internet via streaming audio.



Time Main presenter(s)/programme Location
0100 – 0600 BBC Radio 5 LiveUp All Night Salford
0600 – 0700 Katy O'Regan Stoke-on-Trent
0700 – 1000 Stuart George & Katy O'Regan
1000 – 1300 Perry Spiller
1300 – 1600 James Watt
1600 – 1900 Tim Wedgwood
1900 – 2200 Mark Forrest Leeds
2200 – 0100 Graham Torrington Birmingham

Weekday variations[edit]Edit

Day Time Main presenter/programme Location
Friday 2200 – 0100 Colin Young's Trunk of Funk Shrewsbury


Time Main presenter(s)/programme Location
0100 – 0500 BBC Radio 5 LiveUp All Night Salford
0500 – 0600 BBC Radio 5 LiveMorning Reports
0600 – 0900 Stuart Ellis & Jodie Looker Stoke-on-Trent
0900 – 1200 Den Siegertsz
1200 – 1400 Liz Ellis
1400 – 1800 Stoke Sport
1800 – 2000 Marie Crichton's Country Show Shrewsbury
2000 – 2200 BBC Introducing: Rob Adcock Stoke-on-Trent
2200 – 0100 Keith Middleton Shrewsbury


Time Main presenter(s)/programme Location
0000 – 0100 BBC Radio 5 LiveStephen Nolan Salford
0100 – 0500 BBC Radio 5 LiveUp All Night
0500 – 0600 BBC Radio 5 LiveMorning Reports
0600 – 0830 Stuart Ellis & Jodie Looker Stoke-on-Trent
0830 – 0900 In Praise of God
0900 – 1200 James Watt
1200 – 1430 Good Times with Terry Walsh
1430 – 1500 In Praise of God
1500 – 1800 Mike Wyer Worcester
1800 – 2000 FM/AM: Ajmal Hussain Stoke-on-Trent
DAB:Sunday Folk: Genevieve Tudor Shrewsbury
2000 – 2200 Jazz with John Hellings Worcester
2200 – 0100 Graham Torrington Birmingham

Networked and simulcast programming[edit]Edit

Several evening and weekend programmes are networked with BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Hereford and Worcester. The weekday Late Show is usually broadcast between 9pm and 12am from Nottingham across stations in the West and East Midlands (except for BBC WM). If live football is broadcast, Radio Stoke may opt-out of the Late Show until 10pm.

After closedown, Radio Stoke carries a simulcast of Radio 5 Live programming including the nightly Up All NightMorning Reports (at weekends) and the third hour of the weekday late show (with Richard Bacon from Monday - Thursday and Stephen Nolan on Friday).

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