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Freefonix is a CGI animated television series about the adventures of fictional band of the same name. To date, the show consists of 40 half hour episodes. The show is seen on the CBBC channel.

Plot Edit

Freefonix, a music based animated adventure series set in the future, is a classic battle of good vs evil but with a twist – using music and sonic energy as the weapons. Sonic technology has been developed, graphics can operate without emitters, and the new cool (or 'wix') teenage trend is to be a freewaver.

Freewavers are all those who truly understand the popular music of the time, one which incorporates strains of pop, techno, rock and rap. It takes on something of an underground element (centring on The Bounce, a submarine dance/music club), due to ComaCo, the authoritarian corporation and evil organisation of the series which markets manufactured girl band music that Freewavers call 'plasticised prepsie'.