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Sadie J is a CBBC television programme about a 12 year old girl (who later turns 13) who is described as "the only girl in an all-boy world".

The first series premiered on 14 January 2011 on the CBBC Channel and ran for 12 episodes. A second series is currently in production. The series stars Georgia Lock as the title character.

Plot Edit

Sadie Jenkins is a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl who often finds herself stuck in the middle of dilemmas. She uses Cheryl Cole as an inspiration and tries to solve problems with the help of her two best friends, Kit Carter and Dede Baxter. The three friends often hang out together in 'The Y Diner', which is run by Miss V and encounter people such as the Canadian Chloe who is nicknamed 'Trog Face'.

So far, Sadie has won tickets to see JLS, hired a crazy housekeeper, pretended to her friends that she knows celebrities, smashed a robot, had a sleepover party, won an award for a dress she didn't make and been to a geek party instead of attending Kit's drama award ceremony and a space cargo party with Dede.