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The Demon Headmaster was a television series, made for CBBC, based on the Demon Headmaster books by Gillian Cross.

A notable fact from the TV series is that the only character who wear glasses of any kind is the Headmaster himself: he is only able to hypnotise people when he removes these.

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Relation to the books Edit

The television show was adapted from four of The Demon Headmaster novels by Gillian Cross.

The first three episodes of series one were adapted from the first book, The Demon Headmaster, and episodes 4 - 6 were adapted from the second book in the series, The Demon Headmaster and the Prime Minister's Brain. The second series was adapted from The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again, and the third series is adapted from The Demon Headmaster Takes Over.

Release Edit

The first series was released on VHS on 5 January 1998, in which the series was re-edited into two 70-minute long episodes (Look Into My Eyes and The Prime Minister's Brain). The release can be watched on YouTube.

Cast Edit

  • Frances Amey as Dinah
  • Gunnar Cauthery as Lloyd
  • Thomas Szekeres as Harvey
  • Anthony Cumber as Ian
  • Kristy Bruce as Ingrid
  • Rachael Goodyer as Mandy
  • Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. Hunter
  • Terrence Hardiman as The Headmaster
  • Katey Crawford Kastin as Rose Carter

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